Friday, February 13, 2009

Job Shadowing

I went to a dentist office to job shadow a dental hygienist because i am starting college in the fall and want to become a dental hygienist. When i got to the office ( in Redding ) at eight o'clock i came in scrubs and running shoes. I meet with the desk laddie named Debbie. She showed me around the office and introduced me to all the dental hygienist. There was three of them working and all were very nice. They talked to me about college and how to get me prepared for the hard classes. I found out them make $35-$45 an hour and if you are a rover ( a sub dental hygienist ) you can make up to $400 a day depending on the area. Rovers travel a lot and get paid a ton. I watch them work on patients, while they introduced me to a lot of the tools they were using.

There was some down time when i really got to interview them. They were telling how to work up on the waiting list for the dental hygiene program. There is a two year wait but you can earn points a lot of different ways. Like, if you get good grades you can get points and working in a dental office. They told me that the schooling is really hard but to stick with it and not to give up. I helped re-stock the rooms and get patients for them. All the patients were really nice and didn't mind if i watched as they got their teeth worked on.

Toward the end of my job shadowing day i got a chance to talk with the dentist about his job and if it is worth going to school that much longer. He said if you are not will to pay all the money that a dental hygienist is just as good. I helped clean the rooms at the end and just help them out. They all love their jobs and wouldn't give it up for the world. The schooling is worth it. I left at two o'clock and they are told me to come back anytime. I cant wait to start college and get on with my real life. I am excited for college to start now.