Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Chapters 15-16 Questions -

For each of these questions I would like you to explain beyond a simple yes or no. Use specific examples from the book whenever possible.

1. Do you think the monster had other realistic options for dealing with his feelings of isolation and anger?
No because he does not know right from wrong. he thinks its something to do to let his anger out and get Frankensteins attentions. He feels like he should let people know he is mad.

2. Up until this point there has been much "coincidence" that has lead the monster to Victor, for example, his finding Victor’s journal and happening to run into William in the woods. Mary Shelley has been criticized for relying too much on coincidence to advance the plot of this novel. Do you agree or disagree with this criticism? Explain your opinion.

i have mixed feelings about it. At sometime i agrre and others i disagree. you never know is Mary Shelley's novel whats going to happen.

3. Do you think Victor will comply with the monster’s request? Why or why not?

I think he will becuase the monster needs someone to love and humans wont love him back.

4. Do you think Victor should comply with the monster’s request? Why or why not?
I think he should so he will not have all this anger and start killing people. The monster will have a friend and wont have to act out.

5. Do you think the monster is guilty of murder? Why or why not.

yes because he got mad enough to kill. i know he doesnt know better but he has to have something inside that tells him its not right.

6. Do you think that Victor is partly responsible for William’s death? If no, why not. If yes, what should be his punishment?

No becuase the monster did it. Victor had no idea that the creation was going to kill people. I feel that victor should now help the monster but what happend happend.

7. At this point in the book, do you think the monster is truly a monster? Explain your answer.
no becuase he wasnt bad at firsted. He was very kind hearts an after he was shot, beat with a stick, and screamed at he became very mad and hurt so he took his anger out on whoever was close.
8. Do you excuse any of the monster’s actions because he was neglected by Victor and treated in such a cruel manner by other humans?

yes becuase he has no one to love him. Everyone is afried of him. Its not that fair.

9. Would you excuse another human being for his or her violent actions because he or she was previously neglected, abused, bullied or otherwise victimized? Why or why not.

No because they know right from wrong. They know its not ok to kill.

10. Do you think that Mary Shelley intended this novel to be critical of mankind’s scientific advancements? What kind of a statement do you believe she might be making?

She is trying to get throught that poeple jugde people on how they look. it should be whats on the inside that matters.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Job Shadowing

I went to a dentist office to job shadow a dental hygienist because i am starting college in the fall and want to become a dental hygienist. When i got to the office ( in Redding ) at eight o'clock i came in scrubs and running shoes. I meet with the desk laddie named Debbie. She showed me around the office and introduced me to all the dental hygienist. There was three of them working and all were very nice. They talked to me about college and how to get me prepared for the hard classes. I found out them make $35-$45 an hour and if you are a rover ( a sub dental hygienist ) you can make up to $400 a day depending on the area. Rovers travel a lot and get paid a ton. I watch them work on patients, while they introduced me to a lot of the tools they were using.

There was some down time when i really got to interview them. They were telling how to work up on the waiting list for the dental hygiene program. There is a two year wait but you can earn points a lot of different ways. Like, if you get good grades you can get points and working in a dental office. They told me that the schooling is really hard but to stick with it and not to give up. I helped re-stock the rooms and get patients for them. All the patients were really nice and didn't mind if i watched as they got their teeth worked on.

Toward the end of my job shadowing day i got a chance to talk with the dentist about his job and if it is worth going to school that much longer. He said if you are not will to pay all the money that a dental hygienist is just as good. I helped clean the rooms at the end and just help them out. They all love their jobs and wouldn't give it up for the world. The schooling is worth it. I left at two o'clock and they are told me to come back anytime. I cant wait to start college and get on with my real life. I am excited for college to start now.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Lost someone you loved-

I lost my grandma a month a go right before Christmas. It was really hard for my family because she was the one who planned all are family dinners. She was an amazing person and i was so happy to have her in my family. I could talk to her about anything and she would just listen to me. And when i was little i remember she always had candy and junk food for us when we went to her house. I love her and will not forget her.

Judged someone on appearance only-

I judged my really good now on her appearance at first because I thought she was just going to be just an onther stupid girl but it turned out that she was a really great person. She is way different than i thought and i have a blast when i hang out with her. She isn't the rude, stuck up person i thuoght she was before i even knew her.


I think there wouldn't be a good out come becuase if they have the same dna if one did a crime both the clone and real person would be in the wrong. They have no way to get to prove which one did it. I think it is wrong when people can just have more babies. Also who would want the same person running around as them. I think its not a good idea.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Do you think that having an African American president will have any impact on our country? Do you think that having an African American president will have any impact on your personally? On you children? Please discuss (in classroom appropriate language) in two or three paragraphs.

I think it doesn't matter if the president is white black red or blue. I think if you are the right person for the job. So i think some things are going to be looked at differently and people are for sure going ti judge him. I think it will make me more open to politics. I want him to do a good job and i want him to liked. I think for my kids that he will improve the economy and i believe he will do alot of good thing for this country. He is doing a good job so far and hope he keeps it up.